05 June 2007

Happy hacking!

Finally the second semester is over, and the summer exams sessions is about to begin (that means I have the first exam tomorrow - Digital Computers 2). I've made it through the pending homeworks and projects, at least for now.
Emil has been very supportive and now I can draw an outline of things that need to be done by the interim report on 9th July. So, here goes (in a preliminary order, not necessarily the final one):
  • thoroughly go through the developer documentation. Getting familiar with unit-testing and JUnit in particular is a must
  • have a working copy of the latest CVS sources for SIP and RSS4SC. I've made it once, I can do it again. I'll work with Eclipse under Linux. Last time I checked the Eclipse how-to was a little out-of-date, but I think things got better with the beggining of SoC.
  • go through the current implementation of RSS4SC to get an idea of how things ar done (reinventing the wheel is bad)
  • write unit tests for testing the RSS plugin for SIP Communicator
  • complete the current RSS4SC implementation with some other features that I mentioned in my application (for instance, using a site's favicon as a contact image for a RSS feed)
  • bug-fixing (one annoying bug found at the moment is the inabilty to read the news.google.com feeds).
And in between all this, I should also get my exams going :)

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