08 August 2007

check out. again...

It seems I do have a strange problem when it comes to using CVS. It's not version control systems in general, but CVS. Or at least, the CVS I'm using here, on Sip Communicator. Somehow, I never get it right. Each and every time I try to update my sources to the latest version in the repository something goes wrong and I end up with an uncompilable sandbox and a ton of error messages. And the final solution is always cvs co sip-communicator.
That was a little digression just to release some frustrations :D
The midterm review went fine, and I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. The reader looks a lot nicer now and I thinks it's a little more useful too. You can get to see a screenshot of the new plugin in the news section on www.sip-communicator.org. But, as the midterm went and passed the final evaluation is coming in pretty fast.
After some discussions with Vincent (of which I haven't seen that much recently) and Emil, the main things that should be ready by around 20 August are:
  • a meaningful way of uniquely identifying items within a RSS feed (that's work in progress, hopefully I'll finish this tonight)
  • making the online/offline button really work (right now you can sign-in/sign-out your RSS account but that will make no difference)
  • marking unreachable feeds as offline (timeouts, HTTP 404's, HTTP 403's, HTTP 500's, you name it)
  • least but not last, writing unit tests for the protocol
Hopefully, with a little help and counseling all the above bullets will get a checkmark. I had a block for the last dozen of days or so, and a problem on confidence (like being unable to write anything useful, with LOTS of times asking myself if I can do this or not), but Emil proved to be a great mentor, not only technically, but also on the more human side of open-source developement in GSoC :) Thanks man!
That's kinda all for today, I gotta go finish that patch.

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