02 September 2007

Summer of code final steps. A new beginning.

The Summer of Code finally ended and I must say ot was a great experience. It ended OK ;) and I hope I'll get my hands soon on the T-shirt and the certification Google is going to send after code samples come in.

However, this SoC was a very rewarding experience all financial benefits aside (which too, have their share in the "very rewarding" qualification. I must admit that without the financial incentive I doubt things would have gone on an open-source path this summer.). Still, seeing the insides of an open-source organization and getting to contribute to a piece of software people are actively using and even break into pieces to make their own pieces of software was by itself an experience worth every bit of work. For that, cheers to Google! :) I had the occasion to see many of the aspects I have read about in "Producing Open Source Software" by Karl Fogel "live", and that was a very interesting thing. At times I felt like reading a book and seeing the movie at the same time, going like: "Hey, it's like in the book" :) Very nice suprise, that book!


Event if this blog was supposed to tell only my experience with the 2007's Summer of Code I indend to keep posting from my future experiences with Sip-Communicator in particular, and software developement in general.

Right now, I'm planning my last month of holiday. I'd like to finish some of the tasks that were off the Google Summer of Code for the Sip Communicator and set up a little open-source project of my own that I dream about for almost three months.

All the best!

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